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Media Construction Kit is developed to bring printer and mailer independent corporate identity programs to the market.

What? Can you explain that in English?

Media Construction Kit is designed for you to create your printed media items, personalized your way, using your trusted printer and mailer.

Controlling the image of any media piece for your dealers and distributors can be a difficult proposition. Allowing for unanticipated output quality from Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word creations can make the final output of the piece look bad. On the other hand, many dealers and distributors don't like being "locked in" to one simple design that is identical to their competitor down the street.

Media Construction Kit addresses this by allowing for a digital library of approved corporate images, headlines, and body copy, to be selected to create unique pieces for each dealer / distributor while keeping the quality of the piece that the manufacturer expects.

All pieces created are developed with a 4 Color process (CMYK colorspace) which allows for the best color representation on today's digital presses. The ability to personalize pieces, from address and demographic information, to customized MapQuest maps with routing, to QR Codes and other marketing attractions, gives you a lot of design and customization power without the heavy upfront investment of other imposition programs.

For more information about Media Construction Kit, please visit about.mediaconstructionkit.com

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